Kevin W. Dunn, Medina County Probate and Juvenile Judge



Jennifer Moore, Court Administrator

Kim Cronenwett, Paralegal, Bailiff & Secretary to the Judge

Lynn M. Stover, Fiscal and Human Resources Manager

Michael R. Stiles, Network Administrator



Susana B. Lewis, Chief Magistrate

Alicia Hathcock, Magistrate

Lisa Louy, Magistrate

Derek Cek, Magistrate

Beth Loomis, Administrative Assistant


Juvenile Court Clerks

Terri Mahin, Deputy Clerk

Susan Blair, Deputy Clerk

Arlene Getto, Deputy Clerk

Sharon Wright, Deputy ClerK

Debbie Bruno, File Clerk


Probate Court Clerks

Karen Sliwinski, Deputy Clerk & Special Projects Coordinator
Laura Kennedy, Probate & Juvenile Deputy Clerk

Wendy Rennecker, Deputy Clerk

LeAnna Hernandez, Deputy Clerk

Leslie Andrews, Deputy Clerk

Bonnie Schiller, Deputy Clerk

Nicki Shook, Court Investigator

Jill Himes, File Clerk


Juvenile Programming and Specialized Dockets

Tony Miller, Director of Programming & Grants

Kevin Honcharuk, Specialized Dockets Coordinator

Pamela Ruesch, Specialized Dockets Probation Officer

Joseph Hnizdil, Specialized Dockets Probation Officer

Jennifer Matej, Specialized Dockets Probation Officer

Maureen Klecar, Administrative Assistant & OYAS Facilitator

Sheila Shuttera, Senior Community Service Supervisor

Nicolette Novak, Administrative Assistant, Community Service Supervisor

Juvenile Probation

Jodi Albertson, Chief Probation Officer

Stephanie Yockey, Senior Probation Officer

Greg Hutzel, Probation Officer

Jamie Tropkoff, Probation Officer

Paul Fogle, Intake/Compliance Officer

Kristyn Cooke, Administrative Assistant & Staff Writer


Juvenile Detention Center

Ron Stollar, Superintendent

Megan Millikin, Assistant Superintendent

Reva Keaton, Fiscal and Human Resources Manager

Renee Tatara, Administrative Assistant


Judge Kevin W. Dunn

Probate and Juvenile Divisions

Medina County Common Pleas Court

Monday - Friday
8:00am - 4:30pm

93 Public Square
Medina, Ohio 44256
Probate and Juvenile Courts are located on the first floor